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Boilin' Hott

So this is a throwback to a studio fashion shoot I styled and photographed for New Orleans Weddings Magazine back in the day. We did a mix of New Orleans food faves and bridesmaid fashion, in this case a good ol' fashioned crawfish boil....cause you know here in NOLA, we rock a wedding crawfish boil.

Be sure to scroll down and see the behind the scenes video (and my questionably blonde hair - insert cringey emoji here).

Y'all know my style is bright and colorful, so I chose a bold yellow background for this shoot. I think my favorite thing about this image is the shrimp boots with the perfectly styled hair and makeup.

We completely changed the hair and makeup for each gown which I loved. We pulled out the white plastic lawn chairs that everybody brings out for their backyard boils because that's just how we roll here.

All us natives know that NO ONE would ever get this dressed up for a crawfish boil which is 100% why we did it. (Note: This shoot was done "out of season" so we had to use faux mud bugs which were, unfortunately, a lot more per pound than the real thing.)

COLLABORATORS: GOWNS: Olivier Couture | JEWELRY: Nuance New Orleans | HAIR: Revive The Lakeview Hair Salon|  MAKEUP: Make Me Up | MODEL: Sarah Swan

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