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Katherine S.

"We loved our wedding pictures and so did our guests. Also, Jessica is always a joy to deal with. And the photographers were not intrusive during the wedding or reception. We are thrilled to have our memories documented in such a creative and tasteful way."


Sara F.

Jessica has been a delight to work with. She is very talented, takes wonderful photos, is creative as well as technically accomplished. I would recommend her very highly to someone planning a wedding or any other event. Her consideration and kindness match her talent and skill.

laura b.jpg

Laura B.

Jessica was awesome!!! She was so unobtrusive that I didn't even know she was there. The shots were very natural and candid. She was really able to capture the mood of my wedding!

Lytaria B.jpg

Lytaria B.

I would recommend to every bride and groom. Jessica intently listens to the couple and delivers, customer service is impeccable and professional. And you will absolutely love your pictures. Creative...memorable...and fun!!!


Tiffany H.

Jessica was fantastic from start to finish. Not only did she deliver superb customer service she also took the most incredible, artistic shots of our wedding without ever knowing she was there. I cannot say enough great things about Jessica and have already recommended her to several of my friends in the New Orleans area.

kate n.jpg

Kate N.

Our photographers were great. They took pictures from every angle and at the same time were virtually invisible. The pictures were produced in a timely fashion and looked fantastic.


Laura M.

Hi Jessica,


Have a told you yet that you are the best photographer ever?!  Because you are.  So many of my friends and family have called me and said that these are the best wedding pictures they've ever seen, and I totally agree!  My sister-in-law and my best friend both said the exact same thing that I was feeling- you caught every wonderful moment, scene, and feeling of the day, and looking at the pictures is like reliving the whole thing!  I love them, because every picture stirs up wonderful thoughts and feelings in me.  You did so fantastic.  My sister-in-law said that she wishes you had been her photographer when she got married, because you and your assistants all did such a superior job!


It's hard to choose, because I love EVERY picture!!!!!


Thank you so much,


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